Cleaning and disinfection of water storage systems

A certificate of completion is issued on completion of the contract.

Water storage tanks must be kept clean - neglected tanks and reservoirs are high risk areas for the spread of the potentially fatal legionella and other types of bacteria which can proliferate in stagnant or contaminated conditions.

Descale & Chlorination Services Ltd uses various methods of cleaning and disinfection techniques for hot and cold water systems:

  • using chemical disinfectants such as chlorination
  • thermal disinfection, ie by heating the water to a temperature at which legionella can not survive.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Maintenance - Water storage systems

  • 24 hour emergency disinfection
  • Risk assessment for Legionella control
  • Storage tank cleaning and chlorination including all associated pipe work
  • Chlorination using purogene or chlorine dioxide treatment

Cooling towers

Disinfection, cleaning and manual desludging of cooling towers should be undertaken at least twice a year, but more frequent cleaning may be necessary depending on local environmental conditions such as dirty atmospheres and the conclusions reached in the risk assessment. We offer the following services:

  • Cooling tower cleaning and disinfection
  • Cooling tower replacement, refurbishment and repairs
  • Cooling tower water treatment

Below, we have shown an example of a water storage tank we worked on.

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